Monday, February 20, 2017

5 Advantages to Staying at a Guest House in the Maldives

5 Advantages to Staying at a Guest House in the Maldives

1. Price
To say that staying at a guesthouse decreases the cost of your stay would be an understatement. My boyfriend and I paid $3000 in total for a 7-day trip to the Maldives. That included round-trip tickets from Singapore, round-trip seaplanes from Male, boat transfers, all meals (and they were delicious), two dives each and a welcome massage.
2. Culture 
Guesthouses are located on islands where Maldivians actually live. You are free to roam the island, modestly clothed of course, and take in daily life.
3. Access to the island
I’ve heard some complain about being restricted within their resort. This was not the case for us. We were free to roam the guesthouse grounds, the entire island and even had a private island that we had access to via kayak. When we grew tired of the hotel we went for a stroll or kayaked.
4. Avoid the crowds
We basically had the beach to ourselves the entire stay. There was no competing for umbrellas and chairs. No crowded pool or restaurant.
5. Price
Did I mention how cheap it was? For me saving is important because it allows me to travel even more, but not at the expense of the experience.

To get the full experience, make sure you have an ocean front property. This place was popular, but looked a little shabby and was not on the beach.

Pool and outdoor restaurant at Casa Mia.

This outdoor living space was great for reading or stretching out and enjoying the view from our room.

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