Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Black Female Solo Travel to India

Are you Planning to visit India? Here are the things you might need to know before setting foot in India. Black Female Solo Travel to India by Maya The Explorer.

I recently visited India for a week, following the very popular Golden Triangle Route. I started in Delhi and ended in Delhi, seeing Agra, Jaipur and Udaipur among other places along the way. It was all very beautiful, but it had an effect on me different from any of the other places in the world I’ve visited for one reason; I was traveling as a black, female, solo traveler. While most of the time this fact is very much an after thought for me, (after all I didn’t just wake up a black female one day- I’ve been one all of my life) it very much impacted my trip. It may seem strange, but I had never been so conscious of the fact that I’m a black woman as I was in India. Here are some tips for travelling India as a solo, black, female traveler as well as some things to think about. Read it here Black Female Solo Travel to India

1. Hire a Reputable Guide and Driver

2. Say No To Pictures.

The amount of men in one location can be alarming. This is actually in Old Delhi, a place were I felt less anxious.
As you can probably tell from this unflattering picture, I was overwhelmed. It was raining, I was barefoot, everyone was either staring at me or trying to sell me something and I was filthy. At Fatehpur Sikri. If you can avoid visiting during holidays or special occasions, do!

3. Say No As a Mantra

4. Put Some Clothes On

5. Try The Off the Beaten Path Locations

In addition to these tips, I would also encourage solo female travelers not to travel alone at night in cities like Delhi. Hopefully these tips help if you’re planning on traveling solo to India and hopefully they are helpful to everyone regardless of race.

Looking for more tips on traveling solo? Check out the Wise Traveller’s Solo Females Travel Bible or my previous post on traveling solo.


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