Monday, December 5, 2016

Ferrari 458 Spider Received Pearl Nano Car Coating

Sports car like Ferrari comes with a no joke price tag, it is really an investment worth taking care of so that the value will last long and wont depreciate faster than the market suggest. So, many car owners resort to  regular car detailing and purchasing car detailing products that the detailing center suggested. 

Car Coating or ceramic coating has been around for quite sometime now yet not every car owners can afford the one time big time price tag that comes with it. It is the situation until Pearl Nano Coating was intruduced into the market and change everything  to car coating industry. Pearl Nano Coating is a quality, innovative and improved car coating products yet cheaper than other brands.

Since its launching many car detailing professionals has been testing them and proving if the products is really worth reccomending to thier clients. More and more car detailing professionals  are added to  private Facebook Group Pearl Nano Installers everyday. Today we are now reached 433 members and more and more are added to the group.

Pearl Nano Installers are all over the globe and its goal is to let every detailers spare from drama that "other" ceramic coating products gave them. Other coating products are promising alot yet performing poorly, some confessed that they even quit using coatinguntil we contacted them.

The trust and confidence to ceramic coating was hard to gain especially if you had experinced bad things first hand. It is our opinion after interviewing 100 car detailing  professionals that the “other” ceramic auto body coatings on the market have failed in many ways. From the way the products work and the way they conduct their businesses, to the wild claims they cannot or will not back up with data. I call it the “smoke and mirrors” of the ceramic coating industry. We have solved many/ most/ all of these problems with our innovative nano coatings and customer-centered business concepts.

After 20 years of business in the car care product realm and doing business in over 100 countries, we feel that we have what it takes to tackle this problem…so we did.
Did you know that many/most of the ceramic auto body coatings on the market are solvent-based, cannot be used in heat or humidity and smell terribly? Most of them also require special, air conditioned booths and very expensive heat lamps to cure the coatings. They also recommend 7-10 layers to become scratch resistant and charge the installers $200 to $400 per bottle. Many of these coating companies do not support their customers very well, yet require special training and certification before they will even sell the products to them. Did you know that many of the coating companies also dictate what the detailers charge per customer and impose other restrictions on them as well? This is all true.


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