Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Pearl Nano Coating by ECO-Solutions in Bogota, Colombia

Plane is protected with pearl nano for many years. Coating by ECO-Solutions

This beauty now coated with Pearl Nano and protected upto 5 years.
Dodge Viper made in USA.
The big brands prefer Pearl nano.
What to expect is to see this shiny car for many years.

This beauty now coated with Pearl Nano and protected upto 5 years.

Visible effcect-  the plastic part after  thin layer of Pearl Nano Base applied  has restored the color.

From Puerto Rico comes to us this lamborghini gallardo with plan full pearl nano. The big brands trust the quality of pearl nano.

We are exclusive representatives in Colombia of the North American brand PEARL NANO, whose company is a leader in nanotechnology products and ecological protection of surfaces. We are in search of Strategic Allies in all cities of Colombia. 

We offer environmental alternatives and latest technology in favor of an easier and comfortable life. Our products are eco friendly, developed to the highest standards and best cost effective on the market. Visit us @


Pearl Nano Coatings react with the substrate surfaces and form an “abrasion resistant” coating with extremely high bonding properties. It also generates a thin, optically transparent coating, with high impact strength. Our Super-Hydrophobic, Super Glossy, Scratch Resistant Pearl Nano Coatings are apart of a highly advanced nano-coating system, which was created to address the growing surface protection needs of the automotive, marine, aerospace and home markets. If you are interested in purchasing the Pearl Nano coating products, please contact Dave: or Call: 808 779-7163.



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