Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Joey's Mobile Detailing Inc. - Complete Mobile Clean Up Service in Minnesota USA

 Joey's Mobile Detailing Inc. is a complete Mobile clean up service for High End Auto, Daily Drivers, Lease returns, cycles and More. Joey's offers the highest quality auto detailng available. With over 20 yrs experience, Joey's can bring that vehicles' appearance back to life. Best of all, Joey comes to You!!!!!
Call now to book an appointment!! Winter in fast approaching. Get in before the rush!!! 612-327-8586 or visit Facebook Fanpage Joey's Mobile Detailing Inc.

Why Pearl Nano Coating?

*Permanent Protection

*Anti-dust & Anti-static, plus Anti-icing & Snow Capabilities

*Anti-bacterial & Anti-mildew


*Weather & UV Resistant

*Super Hydrophobic & Hydrophilic

*100% Colorless & Optically Clear Nano-coating

*Excellent Scratch Resistance & High Abrasion Resistance – Greater than 9H

*Surface Applications: Metal, Marble, Granite, Glass, Plastic, Porcelain, Painted Surfaces, Ceramic & More!

*Thermal Resistant (Higher than 300F)

*Easy-To-Use, High Gloss, Non-toxic, Environmentally-Friendly Product Line

The Pearl Nano Glass Coating System provides superior protection with an ultra high gloss, and long lasting results! Expect over 2-5 years of water and dirt repelling and water cleaning capabilities from our window treatment. The Pearl Nano Glass Coating products have been developed with the latest in nano technology science. The particles in this amazing product are 1/billionth the size of a human hair and it coats the hills and valleys of the microscopic surface of the glass to form a super-thin layer of hydrophobic protection. This protection rates at a 7 on the Mohs scale, which is the hardness of quartz. The science behind this is difficult to explain, but the performance of the product speaks for itself. At Pearl, we continue to bring you the best of the best products. Products that you can use yourself or sell to others as a service or commodity.
There are many more uses for these products than for cars, trucks and motorcycles. You can use them in your house, office, hotel, boat, helicopter, and other locations and vehicles. You can use them on shower glass, countertops, plastic, metal and many other surfaces. The list is endless. If you are interested in purchasing the Pearl Nano Coating products, please contact Dave and set up a time/ date/ time to meet – On the phone or on Skype. Dave@PearlUSA.net.
Ask about ordering a sample kit, a full kit or the five 3-Pack special kit of Pearl Nano Coating products. Our latest price list is available too.


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