Thursday, November 17, 2016

Ceramic Nano Coaitng Performed by Mr. Magic Auto Detail - Pearl Nano Installer

Mr. Magic Auto Detail - Coating Update! So my client sent me some pictures. First one was from the first time it rained and he came out to his car with water literally running off the car... then pictures the next day after driving in the rain.. still looked clean... then 2 more weeks of driving in the rain it finally looked dirty... then he took it to a touchless car wash... looks like the day it was coated! #pearlnano #ceramiccoating #mrmagicdetail

Keeping cars looking new since 2005 - Mr. Magic Auto Detail

Specializing in the following :
Paint Coating, Nano Coating, Paint correction, New Car Protection, Waxing, Washing, Exterior Detailing, Interior Detailing,Head light restoration, and Eco-Friendly

**Some of the benefits of having a Pearl Nano Coating include**:

* Never wax or seal again.
* Easier to wash and keep clean.
* Hydrophobic, water repels off easily and quickly.
* Strong resistance to bug etching, sap, and bird droppings.
* Noticeable scratch resistance. Pearl Coatings have been independently at "Greater than 9H" hardness levels.
* Durable Protection. When purchasing a ceramic coating, you are locking in that new car appearance for years to come, thus increasing your vehicles overall value.

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