Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Prep Before You Coat by cameron Johnson of Drive Auto Appearance System

DRIVE in Hi Definition - Cameron Johnson gives us the 2-Bucket Method Demonstration of Waterless Car Washing, using the DRIVE car care products - Buy Wholesale/ Retail - visit us @ - For Sales: Please contact us at - Call (888) 731-4035

Ceramic Coating has been becoming a popular among car owners and detailers nowadays, basically it gain the attention and becoming popular option because of stronger protection it gives. It is without doubt replace wax or paint sealant that wears off after a couple months. Pearl Nano is a forms a much stronger and harder protection that can withstand harsh conditions that last for years.

Here is a complete waterless car wash kit thats great to use in preping your car before you coat with Pearl Nano Coating. DRIVE products as the companion products to prep your car before you coat it with Pearl Nano coatings.

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