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The New Look of Pearl Nano - Super-Hydrophobic, Scratch Resistant Nanotechnology Coating

Super-Hydrophobic Nanotechnology - Scratch Resistant Nano Coatings, Designed for Professionals - Wholesale & Private Label Options Available

Cars – Boats – Buses – Motorcycles – Windshields – Countertops – Sinks – Tile
Paint – Plastic – Glass – Metal – Chrome – Porcelain – Aluminum

Pearl Nano HD – Wheel and Marine Ceramic Coating

The Pearl Nano HD (Heavy Duty) Ceramic Coating was designed specifically for wheels and marine use, but there are 1000’s of other uses that it can be used on. From ceramic tiles and fuel tanks, to countertops and other surfaces. It is meant to withstand the most extreme conditions and last for years. This permanent, protective coating resists extreme temperatures, has superior adhesion to coated surfaces for extended durability. It is highly chemical resistant to protect many surfaces. It is super glossy and works great on wheels & calipers plus it protects them from damaging brake dust and fallout. This incredible ceramic coating will not only protect surfaces, but the hydrophobic & hydrophilic properties ensure the surfaces stay cleaner longer, and are easier to clean!

Pearl Nano Base – Autobody Ceramic Coating

Here is the best Non-Solvent Ceramic Auto Body Coating in the world. Non-Solvent means No harsh fumes, no mask or respirators. No need for a special booth, expensive heat lamps and other unnecessary tools. This is an easy to use, eco friendly product that is Super-hydrophobic, Super glossy and lasts for many years. Pencil hardness test confirms “Greater than 9H” hardness. Tests were conducted by SGS and Assured Testing Services. 1000’s of cars, trucks, boats and one helicopter have these coatings on their paint. Be different! Do not buy into the wild claims of the smoke and mirror companies.

Pearl Nano Glass – Super Hydrophobic Window Coating

The Pearl Nano Glass is the world’s best performing and most durable protective aftermarket nano coating for glass surfaces! The multi- functional, ultra-thin, super-hydrophobic coating reduces dirt and dust accumulation. They simply slip off with the motion of the car. The pearl Nano Glass coating creates a scratch resistant, easy to clean surface. The Pearl Nano Glass coating protects the glass from erosion, and from stubborn salt spray staining and mineral deposits. This is a proven and reliable coating that can handle harsh conditions and extreme temperatures. Day and nighttime visibility is improved by enhancing the clarity of the glass. This is an important safety feature for the safety couscous.

Pearl Nano Pro – Autobody Ceramic “Top Coat” Coating

Pearl Nano Pro is our best Non-Solvent, SiO2, “Top Coat” Auto Body Coating on the market today. This incredible coating creates a super hydrophobic and super glossy finish that will sheet off water and dust for years. The Pearl Nano Pro “Top Coat” is very similar to the Base coat, but it is even more super-hydrophobic and has a higher gloss finish. Water just wont stick to it! The combination of the Base coat & Top coat creates a 3D matrix effect. The Super Slick surface is also easier to clean and does not need to be waxed again. Ever.

Super-Hydrophobic, Scratch Resistant Nanotechnology Coating

Our Super-Hydrophobic, Super Glossy, Scratch Resistant Pearl Nano Coatings are apart of a highly advanced nano-coating system, which was created to address the growing surface protection needs of the automotive, marine, aerospace and home markets. It is extremely resistant to corrosion, abrasion and temperature, while providing an incredible level of surface gloss! Our coatings have been tested in the harshest conditions and proven to perform better than what we describe. With that said…it is important that you be the final judge on its performance.

Our Auto Body & Marine Coatings can be applied to metal, plastic, powder coat, paint, and virtually any hard substrate, forming a permanent protective barrier. Pearl Nano Coatings react with the substrate surfaces and form an “abrasion resistant” coating with extremely high bonding properties. It also generates a thin, optically transparent coating, with high impact strength. This very durable and “hard” coating is also flexible.

How does it work?
Because the Pearl Nano Auto Body Coating formula contains both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties, it’s application to vehicle paintwork will give you that “super hydrophobic” visual effect, along with superior scratch & abrasion resistance. Pearl Nano Base and Pearl Nano Pro are both designed to provide protection and gloss that will surpass even the most particular clients expectations. The Pearl Nano Coating formulation will attract water (hydrophilic) and encapsulate dust or other debris and then the hydrophobic portion will repel the combined dirt and water from the car thereby making it self-cleaning. This dual layering is all that is needed to create an amazing 3-D effect on the paintwork. “The metal flake in the paint seemed like it was floating above the surface of the car., It looked incredible” This is what a Bentley owner told us after his $400,000 car was coated with the Pearl Nano Coatings.

The Pearl Nano Glass Coating System provides superior protection with an ultra high gloss, and long lasting results! Expect over 2-5 years of water and dirt repelling and water cleaning capabilities from our window treatment. The Pearl Nano Glass Coating products have been developed with the latest in nano technology science. The particles in this amazing product are 1/billionth the size of a human hair and it coats the hills and valleys of the microscopic surface of the glass to form a super-thin layer of hydrophobic protection. This protection rates at a 7 on the Mohs scale, which is the hardness of quartz. The science behind this is difficult to explain, but the performance of the product speaks for itself. At Pearl, we continue to bring you the best of the best products. Products that you can use yourself or sell to others as a service or commodity.

There are many more uses for these products than for cars, trucks and motorcycles. You can use them in your house, office, hotel, boat, helicopter, and other locations and vehicles. You can use them on shower glass, countertops, plastic, metal and many other surfaces. The list is endless. If you are interested in purchasing the Pearl Nano Coating products, please contact Dave and set up a time/ date/ time to meet – On the phone or on Skype.
Ask about ordering a sample kit, a full kit or the five 3-Pack special kit of Pearl Nano Coating products. Our latest price list is available too.

Please note: We private label for other companies and can also private label for you as well. We provide custom-designed labels, boxes, applicators and branding that you can call your own. Low minimums and great prices.
Why should you consider using Pearl Nanotechnology Coatings?
After interviewing 100’s of very experienced detailers and listening to them tell us horror stories about how poorly many of these “other” ceramic coating products performed, plus all of the unnecessary drama they have to endure while building their business, we were compelled to do something about it. Some of these professionals had totally quit using coatings altogether, until we contacted them. They told us about not getting the results they saw on the glitzy, bling/ bling marketing campaign videos, the super high prices of the products and various business limitations that I will mention below. It is our opinion that the “other” ceramic auto body coatings on the market have failed in many ways. From the way the products work and the way they conduct their businesses, to the wild claims they cannot or will not back up with data. I call it the “smoke and mirrors” of the ceramic coating industry.
We have solved many/ most/ all of these problems with our innovative nano coatings and customer-centered business concepts. After 20 years of business in the car care product realm and doing business in over 100 countries, we feel that we have what it takes to tackle this problem…so we did.
Did you know that many/most of the ceramic auto body coatings on the market are solvent-based, cannot be used in heat or humidity and smell terribly? Most of them also require special, air conditioned booths and very expensive heat lamps to cure the coatings. They also recommend 7-10 layers to become scratch resistant and charge the installers $200 to $400 per bottle. Many of these coating companies do not support their customers very well, yet require special training and certification before they will even sell the products to them. Did you know that many of the coating companies also dictate what the detailers charge per customer and impose other restrictions on them as well? This is all true.
The professional detailer has a tough enough job to begin with and does not need to deal with all of this drama. It is way too much for them to endure product failures, product confusion, multiple yearly price changes and other arbitrary, expensive and over-the-top requirements that only makes it more difficult for them to make a profit.
We have listened these compelling stories and continue to hear them on a dally basis. We saw a huge hole in the marketplace, where a better product with a better service can help 1000’s of detailers, wholesalers and importers create a better business…and we acted. The customers ultimately win as well, since they will have a high quality, high gloss, scratch resistant, super-hydrophobic auto body coating on their vehicles that will last for years.
How did we solve this huge problem? We have produced a line of ceramic auto body nano coating products that are non-solvent, easy to use, smells nice, cures fast, that are super glossy and super hydrophobic, plus we sell it at 1/2 to 1/4 the price of the top competitors. Once people find out about our product and have tested it, they are immediately hooked. They can charge what ever they want for their work and we will provide all of the product support and attention they need from us. 1000’s of former users of the “other” coating companies are now on the Pearl team and their businesses are making much more money. Our Pearl team grows every day around the globe and we want you on our team as well.

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