Monday, June 20, 2016

The best Non-Solvent Ceramic Auto Body Coating in the World

Visual Pro Detailing provide an excellence service in Car Care. 

This is an easy to use, eco friendly product that is Super-hydrophobic, Super glossy and lasts for many years. Pencil hardness test confirms “Greater than 9H” hardness. Schedule your coating today by calling (618) 983-9706 or! and I serve all of Southern Illinois with high end auto detailing services, including Marion, Herrin, Johnston City, Carbondale, Carterville, and beyond.

2013 Mini Cooper S Roadster received a LVL 2 Ceramic Coating Protection plus coated with HD on wheels - 

It help to prolong the paint life in your car - Pearl Nano Coating.

Pearl Nano Coatings react with the substrate surfaces and form an “abrasion resistant” coating with extremely high bonding properties. 
It also generates a thin, optically transparent coating, with high impact strength. This very durable and “hard” coating is also flexible. Email Dave: or Call: 808 779-7163. Interested Distributors and Dealers Welcome.and also I will offer 
business coaching, mastermind group, business promotions.

Pearl Nano is the best Non-Solvent Ceramic Auto Body Coating in the world. Non-Solvent means No harsh fumes, no mask or respirators. No need 
for a special booth, expensive heat lamps and other unnecessary tools.For Interested Distributors and Dealers please Email Dave: or Call: 808 779-7163.


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