Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Luxury Nano Coating Products for Sale at Retail & Wholesale - Pearl Nano Coatings

Real Pearl Nano +Real detailing work = Real Perfect Shine by Wong Wing Tah. If you are looking for Pearl Installer in Malaysia they are perfect people to contact. #superhydrophobic 
2016 Nissan Titan XD coated with 4 layers of Pearl Base and 1 layer of Pearl top on paint. Wheels coated with Pearl HD. Coated by Crisanto Aquino of CJKai Auto Detailing.#superhydrophobic 
Little headlight restoration followed up by some Pearl HD. Ceramic Coating by Mitch Musicant of Mitch's Diamond Detail. Address 2735 Kobe Dr San Diego, California 92123 Phone +1 619-913-8810#superhydrophobic 
Professional Pearl Nano Installer in Hong Kong Alex Wong his first time to use Pearl Coating on the 2012 BMW 520i Black, Base and Pro, back to the new car condition again!! Or even looks better than the new cars. To become a Pearl Installer in Hong kong visit New Trump Bio-Technology Enterprises ​or call (852) 3527 3590/ (852) 3527 3591.#superhydrophobic 
After the paint correction, we applied 1Base and 1Top, Give this Ford C-Max a perfect shine!!! Coated by Alex Wong a Professional Ceramic installer in HongKong. ‪#‎TSGCoating‬ ‪#‎HongKong‬PEARL NANO COATING FEATURES:
Antidust and Antistatic plus Antiicing and Snow. Antibacterial and Antimildew. 
UV Resistant.
 Super Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic.
 100% ColorlessandOptically Clear Nanocoating. Excellent Scratch Resistance and High Abrasion Resistance.
 Surface Applications: Metal, Glass, Plastic, Painted Surface, Ceramic & More!
toxic, Environmentally Friendly Product.
  • Professional Auto, Boat or Aircraft Detailers.
  • Buyers/ Investors/ Wholesalers or International Importers.
  • Building a New Business using Ceramic/ Nano Coatings.
  • Adding Coatings to their list of Detailing Services.
  • Entrepreneurs who want the best Products to Sell & Promote.
  • Professional Commercial Cleaners and Building Maintainers.

How to Become International Distributor/Installer?
— Contact Us:
— Tel: 866 285-1051 Toll free
E-mail: Dave [@]
Pearl USA Inquires: The Pearl USA Website
International Inquires: The Pearl International Website
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