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Auto Detail/ Paint Correction

Marine Detail/ Polishing

Benefits of Pearl Nano HD Marine Ceramic Coating

1. No need to dry dock and scrape the barnacles off any more with a Pearl Nano HD Marine Ceramic Coating. 
 2. No Tannin stains - Slick surface - Save fuel. 

3. Can be use from ceramic tiles and fuel tanks, to counter tops and other surfaces.

4. It is meant to withstand the most extreme conditions and last for years. 

5. This permanent, protective coating resists extreme temperatures, has superior adhesion to coated surfaces for extended durability.
 6. It is highly chemical resistant to protect many surfaces.

7. It is super glossy and works great on wheels & calipers plus it protects them from damaging brake dust and fallout. 

8. This incredible ceramic coating will not only protect surfaces, but the hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties ensure the surfaces stay cleaner longer, and are easier to clean! 

9. When used on the hull of a boat that will remains in the water, you can coat the surface of the hull and just leave it on. This will leave a thicker coating.
 10. From the 10 multi-million dollar test yachts coated with the Pearl Nano HD, all report that there is no barnacle growth and that they experience better fuel efficiency.
 11. This is a DIY product or can be used as a service for hire.

Hydrophobic Glass Coating

Water Repellent Application

Ceramic Nano Coatings

Coatings for the Home

Pearl Nano Coatings: Super-Hydrophobic, Scratch Resistant Nanotechnology Coatings
The Super-Hydrophobic, Super Glossy, Scratch Resistant Pearl Nano Coatings are apart of a highly advanced nano-coating system, which was created to address the growing surface protection needs of the automotive, marine, aerospace and home markets. It is extremely resistant to corrosion, abrasion and temperature, while providing an incredible level of surface gloss! Our coatings have been tested in the harshest conditions and proven to perform better than what we describe. With that said…it is important that you be the final judge on its performance.
Our Auto Body & Marine Coatings can be applied to metal, plastic, powder coat, paint, and virtually any hard substrate, forming a permanent protective barrier. Pearl Nano Coatings react with the substrate surfaces and form an “abrasion resistant” coating with extremely high bonding properties. It also generates a thin, optically transparent coating, with high impact strength. This very durable and “hard” coating is also flexible. PearlNano.com



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