Tuesday, March 1, 2016


1. All Pearl® professional waterless products are manufactured in the United Kingdom to BS EN ISO 9001 and 14001 accredited British Standards and are totally non-hazardous providing ease of transportation by road, sea and air freight.

2. Products are fully available in ready to use and economic super concentrated formulations, the Pearl® industry leading waterless car wash, cleaning and detailing system is confidently and successfully used throughout the UK, Europe, across all continents and in over 60 countries worldwide; to wash, clean, polish, detail and wax protect vehicles, delivering resounding business and commercial success to all its clients.

3. Our registered Pearl® trademarks and continued membership with the British Chamber of Commerce provides a clear  indication of the proactive lengths our organisation goes to ensure product quality and exemplary service levels are maintained at all times and all relevant documentation is obtained including Certificate of Origins, Legalized Arab Certificate and ATR 1 Certificates are obtained to enable clients to achieve reduced rate of import duty and safe customs passage where required.

4. Stringently tested and diversely used throughout various auto and marine sectors, our world class products provide outstanding opportunities for clients to provide a unique Eco-friendly, waterless car, motorcycle, marine, aviation wash and detailing system, that saves time and effort whilst producing an unrivaled finish in a hot and cold, dry and wet conditions, with no run off pollution into waterways, saving precious water and energy resources whilst vastly reducing carbon footprints.

Water based Rubber, Plastic & Leather Interior & Exterior Dressing

5. Our professional customer services and technical advice team look forward to hearing from you, where we can hopefully explore the numerous mutually rewarding ecological and innovative investment opportunities that are certainly available in partnering with Pearl® Global Limited as your chosen manufacturer.

6. Branded and Private Label opportunities available for trade, bulk, wholesale, distribution of Pearl® waterless car wash & waterless car detailing products, which are available in bulk container sizes ranging from 25L, 205L to 1000L Intermediate.

Please Complete and submit your enquiry details as we will be delighted to advise you of the excellent opportunities available or alternatively. Speak with one of our friendly and efficient customer care advisers about the exciting possibilities of joining the Pearl® team and becoming a UK, European or Global; distributor, agent, supplier, independent re-seller or sales affiliate.UK & International Sales : Email SALES@PEARLGLOBALLTD & Craig@PearlGlobalLdt.com 


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