Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pearl Nano Coatings Before and After Pictures by Details By Frank

" So, I have had the pleasure of using the Pearl coating system and must say, I'm impressed.
I like the ease of use applying the coating and top coating. The pleasant peppermint smell does one good since I'm used to sniffing stronger chemicals making me need to use a mask....while one should always be worn when using chemicals of this sort!!!
I also applied the windshield coating without any sort of issues.
Now, to see how it all works and how long I get out of it before buying more.
Thank you David Elliott for sending out the supplies. I truly think we will be doing business in the near future".

Please see the before and After Pictures  

2014 ‪#‎fiat500l‬ Full paint correction with a test coating applied to the exterior and windshield.
Now this two year old vehicle not only looks new, it is fully protected.
More photos and video to come @



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Super-Hydrophobic Nanotechnology - Scratch Resistant Nano Coatings
Retail - Detail - Wholesale - Private Label Options Available

How does it work?

Because the PearlNano Coating Autobody formula contains both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties, it’s application to vehicle paintwork will give you that “super hydrophobic” visual effect, along with superior scratch and abrasion resistance. Pearl Nano Base and Pro are both designed to provide protection and gloss that will surpass even the most particular clients expectations. The Pearl Nano Coating formulation will attract water (hydrophilic) and encapsulate dust or other debris and then the hydrophobic portion will repel the combined dirt and water from the car thereby making it self-cleaning.

ÒPermanent Protection
ÒAnti-dust & Anti-static, plus Anti-icing & Snow Capabilities
ÒAnti-bacterial & Anti-mildew
ÒWeather & UV Resistant
ÒSuper Hydrophobic & Hydrophilic
Ò100% Colorless & Optically Clear Nano-coating
ÒExcellent Scratch Resistance & High Abrasion Resistance – Greater than 9H
ÒSurface Applications: Metal, Marble, Granite, Glass, Plastic, Porcelain, Painted Surfaces, Ceramic & More!
ÒThermal Resistant (Higher than 300F)
ÒEasy-To-Use, High Gloss, Non-toxic, Environmentally-Friendly Product Line


ÒProfessional Auto, Boat or Aircraft Detailers.
ÒBuyers/ Investors/ Wholesalers or International Importers.
ÒBuilding a New Business using Ceramic/ Nano Coatings.
ÒAdding Coatings to their list of Detailing Services.
ÒEntrepreneurs who want the best Products to Sell & Promote.
ÒProfessional Commercial Cleaners & Building Maintainers.

About David Elliott

Director of Marketing Waterless Car Wash Innovator Pearl Nano Coatings Division Manager David Elliott - USA

If you are interested in purchasing the Pearl Nano products, please contact Dave and set up a time/ date/ time to meet – On the phone or on Skype. 866 285-1051 Ask about ordering a sample kit and our latest price list 

Good News : We private label for other companies and can also private label for you as well. We provide custom-designed labels, boxes, applicators and branding that you can call your own. Low minimums and great prices.


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