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How to find clients ? TESTED Marketing Strategy for Successful Waterless Car Wash Business

  1.  How to find clients ? 
  2. TESTED Marketing Strategy for Successful Waterless Car Wash Business shared by Igor Jovicic, Pearl Waterless International Partner in Croatia.
  1. 1. Online Advertising . The present of online marketing is of great imp
  2. ortance. Create your website quickly. Use a free website service ( www.weebly.com ) and you can add on to it later and convert into a ( .com ) domain . Facebook page is an essential part of marketing where all your work , you can share it with thousands of potential customers !

  3. 2. The Distribution of Leaflets. When you promote, it is important to pay attention to the details. What is the color are the of pieces of paper? Most the people will throw the flyer away without looking at it, but the situation can change if they see it every day in their car. The purple ( Pearl Advanced ultra - nano colors ) flyer is very popular. Through human curiosity they will eventually see the contents and perhaps call you for an appointment to clean their car. Contents should be clear and concise. Please remember the golden rule: " Less is more ! "
  4. 3. Pasting Posters .Use Pearl Posters in places where it is allowed. Please place Pearl posters in locations that people will see them easily.

  5. 4. Distribution of Promotional Products. Customer retention requires the same effort as well as the invention of new , if not more ! Why would not you remember the time while passing by cheap self- service car wash ? Invest in scents that are hung from the rearview mirror . On them will write your phone number , web address and a short slogan . Give draw boxes with your data and surprise the client with a picture of his four- wheeled friend in the full splendor of Pearl ! Give a magnet for the fridge , a special cup of coffee / tea with print your company ... With a small investment to a very satisfied customer .

  6. 5. Advertising Sticker on Vehicles.  We begin with a little more serious approach . Few would make the cash to allow labels to the vehicle body , let alone for free laundry once a month plus 50 % discount on all services in the future . But last side windows are made ​​for a beautiful perforated foil commercial that does not prevent the view from the car to the outside , but 100 % is blocking external curious glances in the back seat of the car . Many will , if it is a nice design , to allow for the service that they provide greater safety and driving comfort ( Shadow of the Sun ) without any hesitation . This is an extremely important ad!

  7. 6. Innovative flyer for the car door handle Mention purple flyer is great , but why this might highlight even more ? Create a flyer that can be hooked onto handle vehicle , unless of course it allows the design handles . Write short not to make the garbage on windshield during rain , but this is an innovative solution in which both sides get more .
  8. 7. Pearl Waterless Fun Activities. Why did you choose to start your own business ? Was it because of more money ? For greater control over your life ? Whatever the reason , one thing is certain = everything is easier with FUN ! You have established a correct relationship with the owner / com a cafe can do an hour longer in the night ? Great ! Organize Pearl Waterless ( name of city ) party . This weekend should be lower prices some booze , good music and giveaway . Let guests put their name on a piece of paper during the night , turn attention to yourself , cut the music at that moment and pull out the 5 lucky winners . 1st place free kit car wash , second place just outside washing , third place a free drink of your choice and the other two some consolation prizes with your data , of course , type one cup , box , the smell ...

  9. 8. Cooperation with Restaurants. You have performed the said part with posters and parties? Now is the time for serious step , opening FIXED eco car wash . Cafe / restaurant has a car park in the property ? Open the car wash service that will mainly used as advertising because there you will keep all day boot roll up banner with your information . Of course you which car and wash , but do not get your hopes crowd because you now have become " just another car wash " ... But consider that its free office where you will receive Reservations for field cleaning and best of all , a place for the resale of products . Even better yet , a cafe owner will , if the referee knows the job , we give the client a free coffee while waiting for his metal pet is finished . Still ... not every cafe with parking your car washes ... more ... When the job working out , the owner will be happy to expand the business and hire students for the summer in their own the laundry while you negotiate a new location .
  10. 9. Cooperation with the Truck Owners Elaborated you work ? Want to relentlessly spread ? Great ! Until you reach this stage , but you will know who to contact , how much to offer for the service of putting a banner on a parked truck on a sound position , and if possible and arrange set their own tarpaulins with printing on an annual contract if you prefer routes that truck does the course of the year . This course is recommended for smaller routes within 50+ miles to the news spread , and to who knows , and took a position in another city !
  12. 10. Billboards. If you are willing to invest serious money in advertising , hiring of occasional team with a few other mini fiscal cash register and official vehicle that will start to mean the risk of higher costs and possible realization of much higher profits , then why you do not have to abstain because billboards talking to hundreds of flyers ! If you followed the steps gradually to success in business , I am convinced that a few billboards will not be a problem as far as the capital because you are now in the 10th stage where everything is run in and the only question is to what extent you dare to go !

  13. Thank you for Your time ! All 10 successfully  ideas that I have listed come from my  personal experience , the experience of my partner and mentor in the business who I learned a lot about how much advertising can drastically affect the development of my work . I sincerely hope that these suggestions will propell your business to greatness. , and that we will achieve a long-standing successful cooperation ! Sincerely , Igor Jovicic Better World J.D.O.O. Mob . : 097-712-2632 E - mail : info@pearl-croatia.com
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