Tuesday, February 9, 2016


 If you are on this page and reading this text, it is because you are looking for a service beyond just "having your car cleaned". We are the right choice for you, and provide a luxury service that yields results that justifies our price, which is higher than most other local detail shops.

If you could return your vehicle to 90-100% (depending on which package you choose) of its original cosmetic condition, for less than 2% of the price of the vehicle, would you? If the answer is YES, call or click on the "Schedule Appointment" tab on the top of the page now!



Personalized, focused services. We treat your vehicle like it was our own. Pick up & delivery or drop off options. What works best for you, works best for us. Low volume, most days 1 appointment per day. You vehicle is not "one of 10" to be completed that day.
Experience with all vehicle makes and models. From Tesla's to Ford's, we've done it before.

Flexible scheduling to meet your needs. Tell us what will work for you, we will make it work for us. Specialized services, we offer services and products many detail shops have never even heard of.
Expert knowledge of vehicle paint systems, interior components, and different types of upholstery and leather.

Looking for permanent paint protection at an AFFORDABLE price?
 Introducing Pearl Nano Coatings permanent ceramic coatings by Visual Pro Detailing. Serving all of Southern Illinois.

Ø Scratch resistant, laboratory confirmed "above" 9H hardness level.
Ø Makes vehicle tremendously EASIER to clean, including bugs.
Ø Better results than competitive coatings at 1/3 THE PRICE.
Ø Extremely hydrophobic, water ROLLS OFF, and so does dirt!
Ø Protects against environmental harms such as sap, UV fading, salt, and MORE!

Ready for the solution to a constantly dirty car? Call now to schedule at:
(618) 983-9706 or visit WWW.VISUALPRODETAILING.COM

Yes, we accept credit cards! All Coating packages include:
Wash, clay bar decontamination, one step machine polish, coating prep, and two stage Pearl coating applied to paint, trim, and wheels. Pearl Glass coating is applied to all glass surfaces.

What is Pearl Nano Coatings?

It is Super Hydrophobic - Allergic to water - Self Cleaning - Never Wax Again - Super Glossy - Super Durable - Resistant to normal wear and tear for years - Locks in the high quality paint correction job to be enjoyed for a very long time. So, there are many reasons to coat your car with Pearl Nano Coatings. People are willing to pay 2-3 times the cost of the paint correction, and have it coated, if they know it will last for years.

The best Non-Solvent Ceramic Coating. No harsh fumes, no mask or respirators. Easy to use / Eco Friendly Formula. Super-hydrophobic, Super glossy. Forms a very durable coating that lasts over up to or more than 5 years. Pencil hardness test confirms “Greater than 9H” hardness. Tests conducted by SGS and Assured Testing Services.

If you are interested in purchasing the Pearl Nano Coating products, please contact Dave and set up a time/ date/ time to meet – On the phone or on Skype. Dave@PearlUSA.net.

Ask about ordering a sample kit, our latest price list and the five 3-Pack special kit of Pearl Nano Coating products.

Good News: We private label for other companies and can also private label for you as well. We provide custom-designed labels, boxes, applicators and branding that you can call your own. Low minimums and great prices.

Visit @ www.PearlNano.com



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