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As Waterless car wash products become more and more popular, companies in every country throughout the world are looking for the right partner and product manufacturer. They quickly find out that not all of the products on the market are created with equal quality. Some smear, some don’t shine and others do not work at all. There are a few products on the market that do a good job and they are the companies seeing success in the marketplace. International Waterless Car Wash importers have found that Pearl Global products far exceed their expectations of excellent performing products at a great price point.

The customer service does not stop with certifications, documents and shipping quotes. Pearl also offers waterless car wash business advise, consulting and success coaching. The Pearl web marketing and video team also creates marketing material, videos and high quality graphics for Pearl distributors. This robust content marketing and social media push is a great way to support our Pearl partners when they are located 1000’s of miles away. Just because you are 1000’s of miles away does not mean that you cannot visit the Pearl Operations Centre. Craig and our team will take you on a tour of the Pearl product manufacturing facility and provide a personal one on one business meeting with you to discuss your business plans using the Pearl products.

From New Zealand to SwedenNorway to FinlandKorea to Japan, the United States and beyond, Pearl distributors are finding success in the way Pearl treats our clients and customers. It is like a family. This family is growing every day and we want to expand into every corner of it and for you to be part of it.

Again, the Pearl Waterless Car Wash product line is one of the best performing waterless car wash products in the world. That is what people are looking for around the globe. Besides a great product line, they get an outstanding customer service experience, unlike any other company. From very detailed product support and documentation and great pricing to the best shipping quotes available. The social media, multi-media content sharing, content creation and media publication is pushing the entire Pearl team into a category of their own. Pearl will soon release a new waterless car wash audio podcast, video series and a mastermind webinar to help the international distributors succeed more.

About the Author: David Elliott

Since 1998, I have been involved with my own waterless car wash business ventures. I have cleaned many cars and have sold millions of dollars worth of waterless car care products to people/ companies in over 100 countries. Today, I manage the graphics, visibility and content marketing for Pearl Global Limited, the leader in high-quality Eco-Car Care products. If you are interested in learning more about cleaning vehicles without water or purchasing the Pearl products at retail or in bulk concentrate, please contact me or our sales team for advice and direction. 

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